How we help

Consultant Dermatologist

Dermatologists are doctors who diagnose, investigate, and treat both children and adults with conditions affecting the skin, hair and nails. We are also trained to manage conditions affecting the lips and inside of the mouth.

Professional diagnosis

There are a huge number of skin conditions (around 2000) each of which can present in different ways. Making the correct diagnosis usually requires a highly-trained specialist. Our Dermatologists can treat nearly all types of skin issue as well as provide advice and guidance where you need it.

Fast treatment

We have worked hard to give you a breadth of options but kept it narrow enough so that you get the help you need first time. Because of this, we offer several categories from which to choose.

What we treat

Acne & Spots

inc. rosacea, infected hair follicles, cysts, sores, boils and Roaccutane treatment

Skin rashes

inc. eczema, psoriasis, allergy, hives, blisters and infection

Skin changes

inc. colour loss, darkening, swelling and thickening

Hair problems

inc. hair loss, excessive growth and changes to your hair

Moles & Growths

inc. lumps, bumps and lesions

Nail problems

inc. infections, new colours and unexplained changes

Mouth & Lips

inc. new lumps and changes to your inside cheek or gums

No rash to see

inc. itching, altered sensations and excessive sweating

I don’t know

inc. skin problems you cannot explain but you feel something might be wrong

What we do not treat

Since skindoc is an online and remotely provided service, we are unable to start some medications that require a physical examination beforehand. These tend to be systemic immunosuppressants or biological immune-mediating medications.

We also do not provide cosmetic or aesthetic treatments.