General questions

Online dermatology, also known as ‘teledermatology’ is a type of service that harnesses modern technology to deliver expert skincare remotely. Teledermatology has been around for decades but recently has seen a huge increase in usage across the World. Since dermatology is primarily based upon what you can see, it is perfectly suited to this with very little difference seen compared to care delivered in a physical face-to-face clinic.

Online dermatology has been shown to be as effective as in-person dermatology in over 90% of cases. Skindoc has worked very hard to make sure that its services give you plenty of opportunities to tell us how you need our help, whether it be by using questionnaires, photographs or live video consultations. As a result, skindoc can safely address the vast majority of dermatological issues. It is however not a replacement for in-person dermatology, rather a highly convenient and much more accessible option that removes the need to travel or even leave your own home.

There are still some things that normally need to be seen by a dermatologist in person. This includes, but is not limited to, concerning moles, life-threatening skin rashes, treatment-resistant skin complaints that require immunosuppression etc.

Dermatologists are specialists that are trained in treating disease of the skin, hair, nails and mouth. There are around 2000 different conditions, and we can address nearly all of them. Because dermatology can be very confusing, skindoc have created nine easy categories for you to choose from. Please see the ‘What we treat’ section for further information.

Yes. 100% of our services are delivered by UK-based dermatology consultants. Whichever service you chose, rest assured your concerns will be addressed by a highly qualified skin specialist that fully understands the UK health system.

Yes. Our services are delivered by UK-based dermatology consultants only.

Our contact details including email address, telephone number and WhatsApp channel can all be found here

You can submit photo upload cases and book an online consultation 24/7. 

The availability of our doctors will be determined by each individual doctors booking calendar, but availability is typically between 8am - 8pm Monday – Saturday with some doctors being available even later than this. 

Our patient support team are available between the hours of 8am - 6pm Monday-to-Friday and 9am - 5pm on Saturdays. We are closed on Sundays.

If you are a private patient and self-funding then no, you can self-refer. If you have private medical insurance (or are being referred by the NHS) then yes, a referral letter is usually required. Please check with your private medical insurer to clarify the exact steps you need to take to be referred into skindoc.

Even though skindoc is a UK-based service, you can book appointments and submit cases from anywhere in the World provided you have a UK address and submit a valid ID.

Since you will be reviewed by a UK-based doctor, our services follow UK laws and regulations and as such there are some countries you cannot use our service from because their rules and regulations vary. You will not be able to use our services from the following countries: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Germany & China. Before booking, please check for any local restrictions on consulting with a clinician outside of the country you are situated in.

When it comes to prescriptions, there are some European countries where we might be able to submit a private prescription. Please let your doctor know during your appointment if you are outside of the UK so they can best advise you.

If you are a self-funded and self-referred individual, then yes and the prices are available under ‘Pricing’.

If you have private medical insurance, please check with your insurer that they will fund your consultation before booking. Skindoc and the doctors who work here are recognised by several healthcare insurance providers so when you contact them, please ensure that they provide us with your Insurance Membership Policy number and Authorisation Code prior to booking an appointment.

If you have been referred by your NHS GP, then an account will be created for you and payment will not be required.

We will do everything we can to rectify any issues you may have experienced however if you would like to make a formal complaint, please contact us directly at [email protected]. Additionally, when you log in to your account there is a downloadable leaflet in the Resources section which outlines the process and your options.

No. Every account that is created on skindoc is a legally protected medical file unique to the original patient. An ID is required to verify each account so using someone elses account invalidates it. This is still the case even if the account was set up by you for your child, and then you wanted to submit a case for you as well. You always need to have a unique and personal account for every individual patient.

Yes. Our team of dermatology consultants are trained to deliver care to all age groups.

Your child MUST have their own account, registered using their legal details i.e. name, DOB, address etc. They can register with your mobile or email address.

Please note that this is a medicolegal requirement and to not abide by this is considered an offence.


Your photographs are uploaded to an ultra-secure cloud server situated right here in the UK. An encrypted link is established between this server and skindoc allowing for only you and our clinical team to view them. Your photographs will not be shared with anyone, not even your GP.

Our systems are also protected by state-of-the art Cloudflare technology, industry-grade anti-virus software and multi-factor authentication.

Your information can only be shared with your consent, including with your GP. You can add or update your GP details in the ‘Profile’ section after you login. If no details are provided, we may reach out and ask you what you would like us to do.

If you are claiming through your medical insurance provider, then you will need to liaise with them.

We will never share your medical information with your employer and/or any third-party company.

Yes. When you log in to your account you can delete your account via the 'Profile' section.

Please note, skindoc will erase your account in accordance with GDPR and the Data Protection Act (2018), as well as guidance provided by the Information Commission Officer (ico). We will however keep your medical records in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which follows guidance from the Department of Health and the ico.

Any data held will not be passed to any other third-party organisation and will be stored securely, with strict confidentiality and data security provisions applicable at all times.

We will erase any data that is not necessary for the retention of your medical record.

Any personal information about you stored within your skindoc account will be considered part of your confidential medical file and is subject to the utmost security standards. 

All your data is stored on an ultra-secure cloud server situated right here in the UK. An encrypted link is established between this server and skindoc allowing for only you and our clinical team to view them.  

We are registered with and comply to all cybersecurity codes as dictated by the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Centre-backed Cyber Essentials scheme. We are also regulated against the NHS DSPT (Data Security and Protection Toolkit)

Our systems are also protected by state-of-the art Cloudflare technology, industry-grade anti-virus software and multi-factor authentication. 

The only individuals who have access to your medical records are those directly employed by skindoc and the doctors on the platform. Everyone involved undergoes a DBS background check before given access to the database and everyone undergoes regular training on confidentiality, information governance and data sharing. All access is tracked and logged. 

There are two ways to change/reset your password.  

  1. When you log in to your account, navigate to the 'Profile' section then click ‘Password’.

  1. From the login page you can click ‘I have forgotten my password’.


If either of these two options fails, please contact us via [email protected] and we can help reset your password manually. 

Photo Upload Service

You will be presented with nine different options relating to differing skin issues. You should choose the category that most represents your skin issue, even if you have more than one.

Each category has a unique and comprehensive questionnaire that has been specifically designed to obtain the same information that a dermatologist would typically ask you in a clinic.

Afterward, you will be provided a space to upload photographs of your skin issue. When you log in to your account there are guides available via the Resources section on how to make sure you take good quality photos. Remember, the better the photos the more the doctor can help you.

With your questionnaire answers and photographs, a consultant dermatologist should be able to address your case, create a clinical letter and arrange a prescription if needed. They can also provide you with additional education material.

Occasionally more information is required, and your doctor will reach out to you. Don’t worry, this does not cost extra.

You can upload up to six photographs during the booking. If however, you feel more photographs are required to fully explain your issue, you can send more to us via the Upload centre in your skindoc account or by emailing them to us at [email protected]  

Unfortunately, skindoc is founded on the notion that most people have access to the internet and a camera, whether it be a digital camera or smartphone. Since our doctors need to see what your dermatological complaint looks like, skindoc may not be the best service for you. We would therefore suggest seeking help from a dermatologist in a physical face-to-face clinic.

Online dermatology has been shown to be as effective as in-person dermatology in over 90% of cases. There are however between 2000-3000 different skin conditions so it is not always possible to determine if your skin issue would be suitable for the photo upload service or not.

If you submit a case and our doctors do not feel that it is suitable than your case will be declined, and your payment automatically refunded back into your bank account. The doctor may well offer advice or sign post you to alternative options.

Yes, but only if you have created an account for them as an individual. You must not submit a case for your child or another your family member under your own skindoc account. Your skindoc account is a legal medical file and is subject to the same UK laws and regulations as your NHS medical file.

When you submit your case all our dermatology consultants will be alerted at the same time. The first consultant available will review your case before deciding whether it is appropriate for skindoc. 

We aim to address all cases within 48 hours, provided you have submitted your ID and it has been accepted. If not, the 48-hour timer will start as soon as your ID has been signed off. Our doctors cannot address your case without your ID.

The main reason this occurs is because the photos submitted were not of a high enough quality for the doctor to be able to use. Other reasons include blurred photos or issues with photos being too light or too dark. If this is the case, your doctor will reach out to you and request additional photographs. Don’t worry, this does not cost extra.

When you log in to your account there are guides available via the Resources section on how to make sure your photos are of good quality.

The photo upload service costs less than the live consultation and is best suited for minor skin ailments that need a quick answer. It remains a safe and reliable option, it is just not as comprehensive as live consultations and may provide you with slightly less information. Your interaction with the Consultant Dermatologist is also limited.

The live consultations allow you to speak to an expert directly, ask lots of questions and establish a dialogue. Live consultations also permit greater access going forward, especially if further investigations are required.

The photo upload service is best suited for minor skin ailments that need a quick answer. It's a kind of one-stop-shop. As such, you won't get the chance to establish a dialogue with the Consultant Dermatologist and after you receive your diagnosis and clinical letter you won't be able to keep returning with further questions. We do however understand that your diagnosis and clinical letter may trigger new questions that you want answers for. We therefore do accept one email back to your doctor, but you must limit your email to only a few questions.

If our doctors do not feel that a diagnosis or treatment plan can be safely provided than your case will be declined, and your payment automatically refunded back into your bank account. The doctor may well offer advice or sign post you to alternative options.

Yes. There are two ways to do this: 

  1. Ask our admin team to do it for you. 

  1. Wait for your doctor to offer it. When received, simply login to your skindoc account, find your booking and ‘accept’ the upgrade. 


Upgrading to a live consultation does incur a cost but only to make up the difference in price between the two services. Upgrading will therefore not cost you more than if you had booked a live consultation originally. 

If you are not happy with the medical opinion that you have been provided, please contact us via [email protected] and let us know your concerns. We will investigate this and seek a review of your case from a different consultant dermatologist, i.e. a second opinion.

Live Consultations

Your video consultation will be held online via a video conferencing platform just like Zoom or MS Teams, except you do not need to register or create an account. You will be sent a link to it and will be able to access it on your personal computer (PC), laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s super easy. 

You can click the link anytime, but we would advise doing so a few minutes before your appointment to check everything is working for you and to get comfortable. 

When you click the link, you enter a virtual ‘waiting room’ where you will be held until the doctor is ready to see you. Don’t worry, you may feel like you are all alone, but your doctor will know that you are waiting. 

When your doctor begins the video call, expect them to check your ID so please have it ready. All you need to do is hold it up to the camera and the doctor will check it against our records. 

Assuming all is well, you and your doctor can start addressing your skin concerns. Take your time explaining what has been happening with your skin. 

At the end of your consultation, your doctor will guide you through the next steps. 

When you log in to your skindoc account there is a section called Resources. This webpage contains all you need to prepare yourself, including a dedicated guide titled: ‘How to prepare for a Live Video Consultation’. This webpage has several other documents that you may find helpful.

Depending on the time of day that you book, you can usually get an appointment on the same day, if not the next. Very rarely will there be no availability past 48 hours.

Some skindoc doctors are available in the evening, at weekends and even bank holidays.

Yes. If your doctor feels a prescription medication is required, then they can generate one for you. You will be offered the choice of using our digital pharmacy partners, Phlo, or receiving a paper prescription in the post. 

Phlo can send your prescription directly to you anywhere in the UK and they offer several delivery options including same day depending on where you live. Phlo will contact you on the day the prescription was generated, except Sundays. 

Paper prescriptions are sent via first class mail and so are slower. You will need to check with your local pharmacies if they have the medication in stock. 

The length of time is determined by your doctor and can be found on their personal bio/page as part of the booking process. It is also available via the ‘Meet our doctors’ webpage. 

The appointment is usually 20 minutes long but could be up to 30 minutes. If you feel your appointment will take longer than the allocated time, we advise booking an extra slot. This can be done via your skindoc account or by contacting us.

No. The appointment you paid for is only for the time and date and cannot be split inot multiple different sessions. You paid for the doctors time so we advise making the most of it.


Yes. If you would like another person to join you, please contact us with their name and email address and our administrative team will arrange a link to be sent to them. It is worth noting, that anybody can join, no matter where they are in the World.

Yes. Your video consultation will be completely confidential. It will not be recorded by either the doctor, the skindoc team or by the video conferencing platform. No personal details will be stored on the video platform either. 

The video link we send you is encrypted so the only people who can see you will be the doctor and any family or carers you have asked to attend. 

Your doctor will be in a private room but please ensure that you have a suitable place to join your appointment where you can talk freely and uninterrupted. 

Online dermatology has been shown to be as effective as in-person dermatology in over 90% of cases. There are however between 2000-3000 different skin conditions so it is not always possible to determine if your skin issue would be suitable for the live consultation service or not. 

If you submit a case and our doctors do not feel that it is suitable than your case will be declined, and your payment automatically refunded back into your bank account. The doctor may well offer advice or sign post you to alternative options.

No. The link we send you is specific to you and does not require any additional sign up or password. The link is all you need, and we will send it to your registered email address with the option to add a reminder (with the link attached) to you email or smartphone calendar.

You will not need to download any additional software or register with a new account to use our video service; this includes not needing to download any new apps.

All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with an internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple iOS Safari.

Yes. Please see our Accessibility page for more information. If you cannot find what you need, please contact us by emailing [email protected]

Yes. When you book an appointment you will be prompted to upload some photographs of your skin issue. Your doctor will receive these photos as well as any other written information you choose to share with us.

When you log in to your account there is a section called Resources. This contains several useful documents including two on how to take good photographs. After all, the better the photographs, the easier it is for the doctor to help you.

If you are running late, please contact us as soon as you can via the phone number provided in the Contact us section. We will speak to the doctor and see what can be done. 

If they can see you, please be aware your appointment may run shorter than normal so that all subsequent patients are not affected by the delay 

If the appointment is missed then occasionally, the doctor will have availability later in the day but if not, we may need to re-arrange the appointment to a different day. 

Occasionally, the appointment before yours may run over time but it is rarely more than a few minutes so simply stay online in the virtual ‘waiting room’ until you are seen. 

If the doctor is running more than 5-10 minutes late then we normally email you but if you don’t hear from us then please do contact us via the phone number provided in the Contact us section. We will check on the status of the doctor and let you know. 

If your appointment starts late, don’t worry you will still receive the full-time allowance for your appointment. 

If you are experiencing connection issues with your WiFi including video lagging, freezing screen, poor quality sound, or video disconnections, try moving your device closer to the WiFi router.

If it’s the mobile data that is the issue, try moving to a better area of reception e.g. near a window or go to the top floor of your property.

Our doctors are all situated in high-connectivity areas.

Firstly, don’t panic. You will still receive your full consultation no matter what, there just may be a delay while we fix this issue. Here is what you should do: 


Step 1: When you have opened the video link, if prompted, chose ‘accept’ or ‘grant permission’ for Jitsi™ (the video platform) to use your camera and microphone. If this does not work, try step 2. 

Step 2: Sometimes the browser needs to be restart. Hit the refresh button. If this does not work, try step 3. 

Step 3: If you are using a PC/laptop with Windows, open ‘Settings’, choose ‘Privacy’, then choose ‘Microphone’ and check that it is enabled (toggle is set to On for ‘Let apps use my microphone’). If you are experiencing video issues as well, do the same for ‘Camera’. If this does not work (or is not applicable), try step 4. 

Step 4: If you get the error ‘Error obtaining microphone permission’, open the web browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge etc.) settings and check the ‘Permissions’ are set to allow the use of your camera and microphone. You will need to refresh the video page after you save the settings. Here are guides on how to do this for each browser: Chrome, Firefox & Microsoft Edge

Step 5: Contact us. If steps 1-4 have not worked, please contact us as soon as possible. It is likely we will need to create an emergency link using Microsoft™ Teams or Zoom™ which takes a few minutes to set up. 

At present, we are unable to provide a chaperone on the video call however the doctor will be happy for you to bring a family member, friend, or carer in on the call if that would make your experience more comfortable.

You will also have the ability to turn off your camera if you need to expose a body site temporarily and need time to prepare.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment, please contact us via email or telephone; we will require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. 

If you are unable to make contact, please leave a message on our answer phone, stating your name, as well as date and time of the booked appointment. 

Any appointments, which are not attended, or are cancelled/re-scheduled with less than 24 hours’ notice, will incur a full charge as the doctor will have already been booked and their time allocated to you.

You can reschedule your appointment once. Any more than one will incur a £15 administration fee for each individual rescheduling.

If you miss your appointment, please contact us to arrange another appointment. Please be aware that unattended appointments will incur a full charge and so you will need to pay again for the new appointment. 

If you are an NHS patient, your GP will be informed, and they will need to make another referral for you if you still require one. 

A doctor will normally suggest a face-to-face appointment prior to accepting your case. If not, this may become apparent after more information has been divulged during a consultation. In both cases your doctor should provide guidance on where, why and how urgently you need to be seen.

Unfortunately, it is our policy that all under 16-year-olds must attend with their parent or legal guardian/carer. If you attend alone or with another person not legally responsible for your wellbeing, the consultation will not go ahead.

A 'follow up' refers to your next appointment. These are booked in the same way as your initial consultation and the system will automatically recognise you as a returning patient as long as it is within three months from your last appointment.

Follow up's are typically suggested to review a response to treatment, ammend dosage and/or medication, review potential side effects and changes in your circumstance that may impact your management. Since they are typically quicker than your initial appointment we reduce the price of these for you as long as it is with the same doctor.

After your video consultation, your doctor will generate a clinical letter which will be a summary of your conversation plus include a treatment plan and any further advice deemed appropriate. You will be emailed to let you know when it is ready. This letter can be found on your skindoc account under Documents. 

All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC with an internet browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Apple iOS Safari.

Please contact us (preferably by email) explaining what has happened and if photographs would help show the issue clearer, please also include these. If appropriate we can forward on to your doctor for a response. 

Alternatively, there is a chat function available for a short window after your appointment whereby you can directly message your doctor. This can be found by navigating to your bookings then selecting ‘Options’. 

The doctors will speak in English but please check each doctors’ ‘bio’ before you book as some can converse in other languages. Please ask them during your consultation which language you prefer. 

If you have researched treatment options or been advised to ask about specific medications, then please discuss this with your doctor during your consultation. There may be reasons why your request would not be the right treatment for you but equally, being informed prior to your consultation can enhance the discussion.

Yes. Our team of dermatology consultants are trained to deliver care to all age groups and since most children will not be able to pay for their own appointments, it would be expected that you book for them.

A 'follow up' refers to your next appointment. The system will automatically recognise you as a returning patient as long as it is within the follow up time frame suggested by your doctor at your last appointment. If it has been longer than that, you will need to be seen again but as a new patient as too much time has elapsed.

Acne/Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) Service

The service works similarly to the live consultation option (see FAQs above) but with added extras. Booking a consultation with one of our doctors will give you full access to everything that skindoc can offer including 1:1 care with your dermatologist, informational material, personalised clinical letters, a prescription, and extended-hours administrative support. 

Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) is however a highly regulated medicine that requires regular appointments over a period of approximately 5-6 months. It also requires strict blood monitoring and pregnancy surveillance (females only) as well as very careful calculations on medication dosing. As such, we need to keep in close contact with you. 

Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) is also associated with several possible side effects so please read all the available information on this medication before booking in. 

A typical treatment course involves 4-6 appointments, 3 blood tests, monthly pregnancy tests for females and daily treatment with medication. 


Most people require the initial appointment and then approximately 3-6 follow up appointments (on average 5-6 for women, 4-5 for men)* but this number can be reduced in certain circumstances.

A typical full treatment takes on average, 5-6 months to complete. A new appointment is priced at £170 and each subsequent follow-up appointment is at the reduced price of £130.


Blood Tests:

Assuming you tolerate the medication we normally require blood tests at the start (pre-treatment), another after six weeks and then only every three months thereafter. Additional blood tests may be required with escalating dose changes.

There are a few ways to book blood tests:

  1. Via your GP - with your permission we can send them a request for a Full Blood Count (FBC), Liver Function Test (LFT) and a Fasting Lipid Profile (LP). If they are OK with it, you would need to book in for these tests and ask that your GP forward the results to you or us.
  2. Home Blood Test Kits (over 18 years old only) - There are several companies online that provide kits, but they vary and do not always contain the correct blood tests required to properly monitor Isotretinoin. Fortunately, we have done all the research for you and have negotiated the cheapest price in the UK with a company called Forth. They are not part of skindoc but have agreed to provide kits at the reduced price of £75 each for all our patients! With your permission we can order the kit for you, apply payment to your card and arrange for it to be sent to your chosen address.

    Unless you request otherwise your doctor can also access your blood test results, check them, and upload them to your skindoc account. If you prefer to order and manage your blood tests yourself the total should be £80.

    Please note, they also offer a service whereby a healthcare worker can physically come to your home to do the blood test for an additional £60. You can also attend one of their clinics in your area and a healthcare professional will do it for you for £45.
  3. Private Clinic/Hospital - You may decide to book in with a local private service and have a healthcare professional take your blood. This is the traditional method but is also 2-3x more expensive with a typical set of blood tests costing £200-300 each


Pregnancy Tests (women of child-bearing potential only):

FREE! Skindoc do not believe women should have to pay extra, so we send you a pack with everything you need.



We are connected to an amazing online Pharmacy called Phlo. They are not part of skindoc, but they handle the majority of our prescriptions and have one of the lowest prices for isotretinoin in the UK. They also deliver your medication directly to you! Please note, that high doses are usually more expensive as more tablets are required, but the average is £25-100 per month.


A quick summary of costs would be:

  • Initial appointment: £170
  • Follow appointments: £130 (x5 on average i.e. usually monthly)
  • Blood tests: Free via GP or approx. £225 privately (price based on 3x home test kits)
  • Pregnancy tests: Free (if applicable)
  • Medication:  Approximately £25-100 per month (depending on the pharmacy) (5-6 months is the average for a complete course)

Costs vary depending on how many appointments you need, if you get blood tests done privately, your dose of medication and which pharmacy you use but all in all a rough estimate for a six month course of 1:1 consultant-led treatment for a woman is in the region of £1100-1400 and £900-1300 for men. Please note treatment courses for other conditions such as rosacea, folliculitis etc. can often last over six months.


*The reason women require more appointment is due to strict monitoring and pregnancy prevention, as dictated by guidance produced by the British Association of Dermatologists. Isotretinoin is a highly regulated medication, and we must abide by this guidance.

Your doctor will review your blood test results as soon as they have been received and if there are any significant abnormalities, they will contact you with advice. Occasionally there will be minor (insignificant) changes but if you have concerns, please contact us.

Choosing to stop treatment is your choice but it is highly advisable to inform your doctor before you do as it is well known that stopping early is associated with a higher chance of your acne returning just as bad as it was before.

Once you and your doctor decide that the treatment course is almost over then you may need one more appointment, but usually not. It would depend on how much treatment you still need and how much can be safely prescribed to see you to the end of the course. 

There are plenty of other options including a wide range of topical agents and antibiotics. Some females may also be eligible for off-licence treatments depending on their type of acne. The appropriateness of alternatives will need to be carefully discussed with your doctor in your consultation.


If you have referred yourself to skindoc then yes, we need you to verify your identity before you can book an appointment.

If you have been referred into our service via your GP, then you will not need to verify your ID as it would have already been checked by them when you joined the practice.

We work closely with the Care Quality Commission, who independently regulate all healthcare providers in the UK. Our identity verification process reflects their recommendations and help us ensure that our service is safe, secure, and effective.

To verify your identity, or the identity of a family member, we ask you to submit relevant identity documentation (ID). We accept valid passports, driving licenses and national identity cards for adults.

For any children under the age of 18 we will need you to confirm parental responsibility. You can do this by uploading your ID or a copy of a valid birth certificate or order of guardianship on the child’s behalf.

Alongside the ID we will also require a selfie to compare and check the two match. Once submitted, you are free to book a service via your skindoc account and we will aim to verify your ID within 24 hours.

You can view your verification status from your skindoc profile.

We cannot accept electronically scanned documents. This is because scans can be tampered with and it's very difficult to recognise forgeries. Instead, please take a photograph of the original ID, making sure you capture the whole document in a crisp, clear image with no cropping.

You can verify your identity at any stage, but we strongly encourage you to do it as soon as you register. We will not be able to help you until your ID has been checked and verified.

When we receive your ID submission our team will check your documents and as long as there are no issues, will verify your account. You can check your status via your skindoc profile.

Please note, we do not permanently store your documents anywhere on our system. Once verification is complete, they will be irreversible erased.

Yes, you will need to provide ID or proof of guardianship for any patient under the age of 18. We can accept the following documentation:

  • Copy of the child's passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Official 'Letter of Guardianship'

We aim to complete the verification process within 24 hours. We recommend that you upload the documents as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to help you until your ID has been checked and verified.

Unfortunately, we can only accept the following: 

  • Passport 
  • Driving Licence (UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and EU) 
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK) 
  • Birth Certificate (UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands) - issued within 12 months of birth) 
  • Adoption certificate 
  • National ID 

If your ID type does not appear on this list, then you will not be able to use skindoc’s services. 

Unfortunately, only valid (in date) ID’s can be used. If your ID has expired, then you will not be able to use skindoc’s services until it has been renewed. 

In the event you cannot upload your ID and/or selfie, please submit both images to our admin team at [email protected]. They will attach these to your account for you and request a manual ID check. 

In the situation your facial appearance has changed significantly from the image on your ID then the verification process may fail. In this event, emailing a copy of two forms of ID to our admin team at [email protected] will often suffice. They will request a manual ID check. 

You will receive an automatic email informing you if the verification process has failed. The submission page will re-open, and our admin team will likely contact you to explain the reasoning and help you resolve this. 

No. It must be you using your own ID. The only situation where this is acceptable is when a parent/guardian/carer is submitting an ID on behalf of a child/minor/dependant. 

No. It is a criminal offence to use your ID to open/verify a medical file for someone else. The only situation where this is acceptable is when a parent/guardian/carer is submitting an ID on behalf of a child/minor/dependant. 

Blood Tests

A blood test may be needed before medication can be prescribed or to monitor you on treatment. You have three options:

  1. Blood tests can be arranged via your GP. We can ask them on your behalf if you wish but please note that his can take time and your GP is under no obligation to accept the request. (Free)
  2. Home blood test kits can be mailed to you. They are a convenient and affordable option but please be aware there is a small chance of failure and so they may not yield results. These kits are for over 18-year-olds only. (£)
  3. Blood tests can be arranged via a private unit. All you need to do is contact a local blood test clinic/hospital in your area. We can provide guidance on which blood tests you need but we cannot book or pay for the tests for you. (£££)

We have negotiated one of the cheapest prices in the UK for home blood test kits with a company called Forth. They have agreed to provide kits at a reduced price for all our patients. With your permission we can order the test for you and arrange for it to be sent to an address of your choosing. Unless you request otherwise, we will also be able to access your blood test results, check them, and upload them to your skindoc account. 

The kits use a small device to draw blood via a finger prick. It is a well-tolerated and minimally uncomfortable process. If however, you do not like the idea of doing it yourself, Forth offer a service whereby you can visit a designated clinic near you and have a healthcare worker do the blood test for you (nb this service requires a small additional cost). You can search the available clinics here.

If you do not want to use Forth, then there are several other companies available to choose from but these are our favourites:

Not all blood tests can be performed via a home blood test kits but those that are available include: Cortisol, Creatine Kinase, CRP, Female Hormones¹, Hormone DHEA-Sulphate, Free Androgen Index², Free Testosterone³, Ferritin, Full Blood Count, HbA1c, Kidney Function, Lipid Panel, Liver Function, Magnesium, Omega 3 & 6, Thyroid Function, Thyroglobulin Antibodies, Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies, Vitamin D & Vitamin B12

¹ includes Follicle Stimulating (FH), Luteinising Hormone (LH), Prolactin & Oestradiol. Progesterone can also be added

² includes Free Androgen Index & Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG)

³ includes Albumin, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), Testosterone (total) & Free Testosterone (calculated)

Whichever company you choose to for the blood test kit, that company will send you a kit in the post to your chosen address with instructions on how to do the blood test at home and where to return it to for analysis.

All companies currently use a 'finger-prick' type kit. These are an affordable and convenient method but please we aware they sometimes do not work and a repeat kit may be required (nb the first repeat kit is often provided free of charge but this is at the providers discretion).

A typical turnaround time is about a week (two days to deliver the kit, two days to return of the kit and two days to analyse the blood and produce a report).

Please watch this informative video produced by Forth labs before you start. You should have been sent this video in an email when you confirmed your order. 

If you did, and you still were not able to draw enough (and used all your lancets up) then you can contact Forth labs here and request a replacement kit. Please note that the first request is usually free, but any subsequent kits will incur a small additional charge. 

Generally, no. If your blood test contains a ‘lipid profile’ then you will need to fast (not eat) for at least eight hours before you do the test. You can consume clear fluids or black/tea coffee but if you add milk then it will affect the blood test. 

Most people do the blood test first thing in the morning (when you have naturally fasted overnight) and then put it in the nearest postbox if they are heading out of the house that same morning. 

*nb ALL blood tests for isotretinoin (Roaccutane) contain a lipid profile so it is safe to assume that all blood tests while performed on this medication should be fasted. 

Rarely, the home blood test kits fail (or partially fail). The typical reasons for this include:

  • Underfilled tubes
  • Clotting of the blood due to excessive time taken to fill the tubes
  • Exposing the kit to extreme conditions e.g. leaving it in a postbox all weekend in low temperatures

That being said, sometimes it is just bad luck.

The lab report the rate of failure to be less than 8% but from our experience it is lower than this.

If one or more of the tests does fail, Forth labs should reach out to you directly and offer a second (repeat) test free of charge.

So, overall the home blood test kits offer an affordable, rapid and low risk option for you.

Please watch this informative video produced by Forth labs who provide the kit(s).

Your doctor will review your blood test results as soon as they have been received and if there are any significant abnormalities, they will contact you with advice. Occasionally there will be minor (insignificant) changes but if you have concerns, please contact us.

Yes. Taking medication does not affect your blood test. However, since some of our blood tests need to be taken in a ‘fasted’ state (see next FAQ) then please bare this in mind if you are on medication that requires it to be taken with food.

The typical timeline is: 

Day 0: We order blood test kit and apply the £75 additional charge to your registered card. 

Day 2-3: You receive the blood test kit, perform the test and return the kit to the nearest post box. 

Day 4-5: Forth labs receive the blood test kit and runs the analysis. 

Day 6-7: The blood test results are released to you and us for review by your doctor 

Unless you have not authorised us, we will receive the blood test results at the same time you do. As soon as we do, they will be passed to your doctor for review. If all is well, we will update you and if any further action is required, we will advise you. 


Yes. All of our services allow for a prescription to be generated. You have up to options to receive your medication.

  1. We have partnered up with the award-winning online pharmacist Phlo who can arrange delivery of your medicines within hours if you live in London or Birmingham, or the following day for anywhere else in the UK. You can use their delivery address checker to review your options.
  2. We can send you a paper prescription in the post. This will be sent the next working day via First Class post (Royal Mail). Please check with your local pharmacies if they stock your medication. Isotretinoin, for example is often not stocked by independent pharmacies.
  3. You can provide a copy of your prescription to your GP along with your clinical letter and request they prescribe it for you. Please note, that there are several medicines that GPs are not authorised to prescribe e.g. Isotretinoin.

Please note the following:

  1. Nearly all UK pharmacists do not accept digital prescriptions yet so we cannot send digital prescriptions to any other pharmacy except Phlo.
  2. Our doctors will not prescribe controlled drugs and some high-risk medicines. We may refuse to prescribe to you if have any safety or legal concerns.
  3. The service prices quoted by skindoc do not include cost of prescription nor the delivery charge.

There are zero extra or hidden fees applied to your skindoc booking if you choose to use Phlo pharmacy. The only costs you should expect are those for the medication and the delivery option that you choose. You can use their delivery address checker to review your options and the delivery prices. 

Yes, however in order to obtain a repeat supply of medicines a consultation must be booked, this includes for urgent prescriptions.

Your prescription will expire after 28 days. If you have not collected your prescription within this time, you will be required to book another consultation to have your medication re-prescribed again.

The only exception to this is for isotretinoin prescriptions for females. These are only valid for seven days.

If you are using our online partner Phlo, they will contact you directly to organise payment and delivery. If you chose not to use Phlo, then you would need to wait for your paper prescription to arrive in the post.

Please allow 1-3 days if your prescription is being sent via post and 24 hours if using the online pharmacy, Phlo. Please note, this does not include Sundays.

If you have not been received anything or been contacted, please contact us at [email protected]

We can email you a copy of your prescription and it can also be downloaded from your skindoc account. However this just functions as documentation for your records and cannot be printed and used in a pharmacy. This is because prescriptions in the UK are only valid in two forms:

  1. Encrypted and digitally-signed sent directly to a pharmacy
  2. Paper prescriptions hand-signed by a doctor

Emailed and printed prescriptions would not cover either form.

Yes, but only if we have an agreement with that pharmacy. We are increasing our network of partner pharmacies but are concentrating on larger providers rather than individual pharmcies. As such our primary relationship is with Phlo Pharmacy who we have a direct relationship with. This allows us to send prescriptions to them instantaneously. 

No. We can only prescribe to UK residents and both our online pharmacy partner, Phlo and our paper prescription delivery service only serves the UK. 

If you experience any side effects not explained in your consultation or in the leaflets provided and you are concerned, please contact us at [email protected]

If you experience any adverse reactions, please stop the medication IMMEDIATELY and contact us as a matter of urgency. We will arrange for a doctor to contact you ASAP to discuss this further. 

If your medication is running low you should book in for another appointment. We advise you booking in at least a week before to avoid delay and a break in treatment.

If paper prescriptions are dispatched and you subsequently change your mind (and would like an online prescription) or if the prescription expires, we would require photographic evidence of the destroyed prescription before a replacement can be provided by a practioner.

If evidence cannot be provided, or if the prescription has been lost or stolen, then a new appointment will be required to generate a replacement prescription.

Onward referrals and medical tests

Yes. It is fairly common for patients to require some tests e.g. blood test, swabs, biopsies etc. If this is the case, the letter your doctor writes for you will contain the necessary information and where/how to seek provision of these services. We can help with most blood tests and in person investigations e.g. swabs or surgical procedures can be performed via on of our clinics.

If you decide to go elsewhere, the private healthcare provider you choose should send you the results. 

If you decide to seek investigations via your GP, you will need to ask them for a copy of the results and send them to us when available. 

If you live within easy reach of Fulham (London) then surgical skin procedures can be performed via the Dr Dropin clinic at an affordable price. skindoc provides all dermatology care for them.

If you require an onward referral outside of skindoc your doctor will generate a letter for you. You can use the letter to organise your next appointment. In the private sector, this is relatively straightforward but if you ask your GP to refer you into the NHS you may experience some resistance not to mention long waiting times.

If you have private health insurance, speak to your insurer before you book your next appointment. You will need to check if the referral is covered under your policy with them.

Part of the service we provide includes interpretation and advice on results of investigations that we suggested.

Any investigations that relate to your case can be forwarded to us and uploaded to your skindoc account. As long as you have been seen within the last three months, we will ask your doctor to relay further advice. You can either use the Upload centre available via your skindoc account or simply email us at [email protected] with your name, date of birth and case ID number (available on your clinic letter and/or prescription) and attach copies of the investigations you had performed.

Unfortunately not. You can self-certify for seven days, after that you will need to discuss this with your GP.

What happens next?

A diagnosis may not always be possible at the first appointment or via the photo upload service. The doctor may suggest further investigations, some of which can occur via skindoc, others may require the NHS. 

Occasionally, specialist tests are required e.g. a skin biopsy. If you live within easy reach of Fulham (London) then surgical skin procedures can be performed via the Dr Dropin clinic at an affordable price. 

If not, your doctor will inform you of what tests may be needed and it would be your decision if you want to obtain them privately elsewhere or via the NHS. 

When registering with skindoc you will be given the opportunity to enter your GPs details. If you do provide them our administrative team will assume that you are happy for us to share correspondence with your GP. If however you would prefer us not share specific information then please contact us in advance of your submission or booking.

In the event you do not want us to contact your GP, this reason may be explored but overall respected. In this event, it should be made clear that you will bear the responsibility if any lack of information sharing and the consequences this has any treatment you may be on, although we will try to mitigate and address any that arise.

This does occur from time to time. Ultimately, your NHS GP is not obliged to perform any tests for you if you are seeking treatment via a private healthcare organisation like skindoc. 

If this is the case, then please liaise with us. We have great relationships with different private laboratories and often can provide affordable alternatives. 

Yes. If you decide later into treatment, you do not want your GP involved further, just let us know and we will stop sharing further correspondence with them. We will however not be able to recover any correspondence already shared with them. 

At any point you feel uncomfortable or have concerns about recommended tests please contact us at [email protected] and we can provide further information. If we need to seek another doctors opinion this can be arranged but please expect a delay of a few days while they review your case. 

If you decide to seek investigations or tests outside of skindoc then we cannot assist you in this research. You would be solely responsible for finding the appropriate organisation.